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How to save the world in Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point marks Julian Gollop’s return to a genre he first created back in 1994 with the original X-COM. It sees you fight to unite the surviving factions of Earth and rise up against the strange crab-like aliens that have pushed humanity to the cusp of extinction.

It looks much like the Firaxis XCOM reboots, a fact Gollop makes no attempt to hide when we meet him to play the game, but it takes the genre in new directions by imbuing the alien enemy with the power to adapt itself to your play style.

phoenix point campaign guide

When you first start a campaign in Phoenix Point you are on the back foot as the aliens have all but completed their conquest of our home planet. Human settlements are dotted about the Earth, struggling to hold back the aliens, but it is a ditch effort. They call on you for aid when they come under assault. In time, though, you will have to start trying to do a little more to push the tide back.


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