pondělí 26. února 2018

Want to get better at Rainbow Six Siege? Here's some advice from two world champions

500 hours into Rainbow Six Siege and I feel like my progress in Ranked has come to a head. I know the maps, the operators, some basic strategies, and which operators work well together, but I cannot break out of Platinum. Ultimately, I want to compete in amateur tournaments, but I cannot do that as a solo-queuing Platinum rank.

Just getting started in this tactical shooter? Here are the best Rainbow Six Siege operators.

rainbow six siege pro tips

So, how do I up my game? Who better to ask then current world champions PENTA Sports, who have won three season finals as well as the recent Six Invitational 2018. PENTA Sports are widely regarded as the best team in Rainbow Six Pro League, boasting a well-rounded, international roster of players who have earned a reputation for being able to adapt their strategies on the fly and back up said strategies with impressive mechanicals. 


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