středa 28. února 2018

Professionalism, Pick & Ban, and big orgs: how Ubisoft are taking Siege esports up a gear for Year 3

There were more than a few flashes of brilliance at the Season 3 Finals in São Paulo, but only an event like the Six Invitational 2018 could cement - at least in the minds of viewers - the staggering transformation of competitive Siege over the past 12 months. The Six days of competition brought in nearly nine million viewers, an increase of over seven million from the total views of the Season 3 Finals. An impressive new coliseum-style arena, big new orgs in the form of FaZe, CLG, and Team Liquid, and an expanded prize pool of $500,000 support the message conveyed by those viewership figures: Siege esports is growing at a blistering pace.

Just getting into the game? Here are the best Rainbow Six Siege operators.

rainbow six siege esports pick ban majors

With so much more interest in Rainbow Six Pro League, the pressure is on Ubisoft to shore up its greatest esports asset. Their top priority going into Year 3 is maturity and stability, consolidating the huge gains they have made by ensuring the audience is happy, the pro players are happy, and addressing any niggling issues that have persisted since the days when Pro League Finals were attended by a live audience smaller than that of your local cinema screening.


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