čtvrtek 22. února 2018

Paladins ditches “pay-to-win” card system, splits battle royale mode into a separate game

Update February 22, 2018: Paladins will get rid of its controversial Cards Unbound system, and split Battlegrounds into an entirely separate title.

Last year, hero shooter Paladins launched a new Cards Unbound system that worked out to be a whole lot like the controversial Star Card system from Battlefront II. As you might imagine, this decision proved quite unpopular, and the community quickly began to protest the new mechanics as ‘pay-to-win.’ But now, they’re gone.

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Paladins Kinessa sniper

The change was announced by Paladins’ new executive producer (known as HiRezChris) today. “We know this system has angered many of our most loyal fans and become a point of continuous contention in the Paladins community (and even inside of Hi-Rez). Your voice has been heard loud and clear. Our team will be working over the next major release cycle to remove Cards Unbound from the game.”


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