středa 28. února 2018

Overwatch PTR patch 1.21 notes: Brigitte is now up for testing

This is going to be a fun patch cycle. It's not just a patch cycle for a new hero, Brigitte, but the first new hero since the Overwatch League began. How will it change the cycle and development process? Will Blizzard be gentler with buffs, harsher with nerfs? We'll see over the next few weeks, but for now, here's the current PTR patch notes, and what we expect to go to live when this cycle ends, based on what has happened so far.

Speaking of the Overwatch League, here's the basics on everything you should know about Blizzard's esports league

Overwatch Brigitte

Overwatch Patch 1.21 Release Date

We just don't know! It's likely that this patch won't come out until this phase of the Overwatch League ends, on March 25. The first week of April sounds like a likely release date for this patch, but that's speculation based on previous patch cycles.

Overwatch Patch 1.21 New Hero


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