úterý 27. února 2018

Overwatch patch 1.20 notes: Sombra can now hack everything, Mei and Doomfist buffed

The next big patch for Overwatch, aka the Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra patch, is out now! There are big changes to Sombra, and smaller ones to Doomfist and Mei, in line with director Jeff Kaplan's recent comments about Mei not needing a significant rework. Thanks to a recent dev update, we know Blizzard are testing some big changes to Hanzo, and have their eyes on Torbjorn and Symmetra further in the future, but none of that is in this patch, unfortunately. Now that it's out, here's the full patch notes!

Stage one of the Overwatch League is complete, and the teams are bracing for the impact of balance changes and trades. Get caught up with our OWL stage two preview.


Overwatch Patch 1.20 release date

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The patch is out now! Your Battle.net client should be downloading it as we speak.


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