úterý 27. února 2018

Overwatch new heroes: is Brigitte Lindholm our next hero?

Overwatch was never going to stay the way it is now for long. The original 21 - now 26 - heroes won’t keep everyone occupied, and Blizzard have always been upfront that it would grow - and for free, too. With Overwatch’s lore told the way it is, through vague hints and out-of-game stories, teases come easy and often from the big blue. Be it a dossier buried in some notes on a map, a name slipped into a blog post or a long-known character finally being added as playable, there are always hints as to who’s next - and we’ve gathered them all here.

Here's everything there is to know about Orisa, the newest Overwatch hero.

Overwatch new heroes

First, a note on release timing. Characters are released one at a time, so don't ever expect to see multiple at once unless something strange goes on.

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