pátek 23. února 2018

Metal Gear Survive can’t live up to the series’ incredible legacy

About six hours into Metal Gear Survive, one question works its way through the general confusion engendered by a setting filled with crystalline zombies, matter-transporting wormholes, and alternative realities: is this even a Metal Gear game?

You will want to play Metal Gear Survive with friends. Trust us.

Metal Gear Survive

The zombies and other reality-bending gibberish would suggest that, no, Survive is something different. As strange as the Metal Gear series is (remember the nanomachine-powered vampires, fourth-wall-breaking S&M psychics, and surfeit of superpowered clone soldiers?) it has always been grounded, too, in something that resembles reality. Every backflipping cyborg ninja is paired with a refreshingly mundane conversation between two characters about, say, nuclear non-proliferation treaties or the horrors of modern warfare.


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