čtvrtek 22. února 2018

Kingdom Come mod turns Cpt. Bernard black

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set during the European Middle Ages, a predominantly white regional period of history. Nonetheless, there’s some historical basis for the idea that people of colour were around at the time, igniting an unfortunately virulent (and now years-long) discussion over whether the game should vary its pasty white cast of characters. Czech developers Warhorse Studios said no, but PC games are all about options, and there’s already a mod for a slightly more diverse Kingdom Come.

Make more changes to your experience with Kingdom Come: Deliverance's console commands.

kingdom come deliverance inclusive mod

The “Inclusive Cpt. Bernard” mod, as the name implies, “diversifies the game world by making Cpt. Bernard an African-American.” I imagine the proper term would be African-Bohemian, but hey, it’s a change. It’s worth noting this appears to be a simple palette darkener rather than an actual change to ethnicity, so even the “African-American” label is a bit off the mark.


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