pondělí 26. února 2018

FTL devs' next game, Into the Breach, launches tomorrow - here's a new trailer

It's been over five years since FTL: Faster Than Light came out, gracing us with one of the best roguelike games of this decade - and that's not even an exaggeration. Updates have come out since, but otherwise, the developers, Subset Games, have been hard at work on their next game, Into the Breach, which comes out tomorrow. To give you an idea of what's in it, the launch trailer is out now. 

You've only got a day to wait for Into the Breach to come out, but if you can't, here's the best strategy games on PC

Into the Breach launch trailer

Caught by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and strangely only available on Vimeo right now, the trailer shows off what you can expect, and it's very different to FTL: in case you were hoping for more spaceship-flying action, don't expect too much. It's a turn-based strategy game that's more like Advance Wars, or perhaps X-Com, than anything else.  


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