středa 28. února 2018

FTL dev's Into the Breach teaches you to be a hero

Into the Breach is like a turn-based Pacific Rim. It is your own personal Kaiju playset. You lead a small force of mechs and tanks against huge alien insects that are threatening humanity's last cities (although you only have to move your legs and arms in real-life if you choose to).

Subset Games’ follow-up to FTL is an excellent tactical game, but under its chunky Advance Wars aesthetic, Into the Breach does something special: it pushes you into the role of a hero, teaching you to both protect and sacrifice. It doesn’t fire this at you through its story alone but mounts an additional double-barrel to the effort with its systems and mechanics.

Could Into the Breach make it into our list of the best indie games on PC?

Into the Breach

Every Into the Breach level is a small grid dotted with mountains, forests, and cities - a landscape in miniature. You and the enemy AI pick starting cells for each of your soldiers/bugs and then take it in turns to outmanoeuvre and smash each other up. It is an intricate challenge.


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