pondělí 26. února 2018

Developer commentary has been added to the first gameplay footage of Two Point Hospital

Update, February 26: That special look at the gameplay of Two Point Hospital, Theme Hospital's spiritual successor, has been given the added bonus of developer commentary over on YouTube!

In case the gameplay shown at the PC Gamer Weekender was too plain, and didn't have the dulcet tones of two of Two Point Hospital's developers that you so needed, the gameplay has been given some special commentary on YouTube, explaining a little of what's going on in the footage. You can watch it all above!

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Two Point Hospital

Original story, February 17: If this brand new footage of Two Point Hospital gives you déjà vu, it’s probably because two of the developers from Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital are part of the team working on Sega’s follow-up to their 1997 cult classic.


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