úterý 27. února 2018

Dating coach issues false DMCA because YouTuber dissed his game

The game Super Seducer gained some notoriety recently after the YouTuber Dunkey made a video playing the game. Super Seducer is an upcoming FMV game from Richard La Ruina, a pick up artist, and his team, which aims to help men get dates and meet women. Now, a separate YouTuber has got in an argument with La Ruina, and claims La Ruina DMCA claimed a video of his following a series of tweets.

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Super Seducer

The YouTuber in question is IAmPattyJack, who made a video about Super Seducer called Super Seducer Is The Worst Game Ever, as a part of a running series. Following a back and forth over Twitter and in IAmPattyJack's YouTube comments, a DMCA claim was filed against IAmPattyJack's video, and the video is, as of writing, still unavailable.


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