úterý 27. února 2018

Bethesda's games were the best of any major publisher last year

Review aggregators Metacritic have released their eighth annual ranking of videogame publishers according to the averaged ‘metascores’ of their releases throughout 2017. The winners are Bethesda, who put out 12 games - such as Wolfenstein II, Prey, and the Evil Within II - which scored an average of 79.9.

You'll find several Bethesda releases on our list of the best PC games of 2017.

2017 single-player games Wolfenstein 2

Nintendo had a great year in the nether realm of Console Land and came second with 78. With 31 distinct titles in the year - more than any other publisher - their range was much wider, from the heights of the new Zelda (97 metascore) to the nadir of Flip Wars (53).


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