pondělí 26. února 2018

As AMD's Ryzen 2 looms large the first-gen chips are on sale with up to 40% discounts

With AMD’s Ryzen 2 on the horizon, if you want to upgrade your rig (and save a little cash), then it may be a better time than ever to pick up one of the first-generation AMD Ryzen chips. Sure, the performance of these chips may be a little lower than their upcoming successors, but at the current pricing it’s hard to argue with the gluttony of cores on offer.

Want the best AMD gaming motherboard to go along with that shiny new processor?

AMD Ryzen CPU family

Back before Christmas, AMD dropped the prices of their Ryzen processors for Black Friday. Since then, prices have fluctuated up and down somewhat but they seem to be set to stay low before AMD’s next generation of processors join the fray in April.


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