pátek 23. února 2018

AMD vs. Intel - Ryzen takes on Coffee Lake in the rumble in the motherboard

Which side should you pick in the old AMD vs. Intel debate? Your choice can make a big difference to how you build your gaming PC. And it’s been a big couple of years for the two processor makers, with more chip releases than an Amsterdam takeaway. Though perhaps with less mayonnaise. So, now the dust has settled on AMD’s Ryzen and Intel’s Coffee Lake who has emerged victorious?  

The processor platform as a whole is one thing, but which is the single best CPU for gaming

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake

This has been one of the most active tech years I can remember, with barely a week going by without some new piece of PC technology being announced, leaked, or launched. The CPU world has seen the most activity with AMD’s processor division finally waking up, launching not just one, but two, new CPU architectures. 


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