středa 28. února 2018

AMD gain GPU market share off the back of miners but it's still not all rosy for team red

With a hashrate of nearly 24,000,000TH/s currently being fed into the Bitcoin gold rush, it’s no surprise that miners supposedly purchased over three million graphics cards, worth $776 million, in 2017 - according to market research company, JPR. AMD even gained market share from Nvidia, but despite the current highs, this new market comes with its own risks, and hasn’t mitigated all of AMD’s worries.

It’s a close call in the runnings for the best CPU for gaming. See how AMD stack up against the competition.

Cryptocurrency GPU mining

According to a few industry sources we spoke to last year, AMD were struggling to shift their graphics cards before the crypto-boom really took hold of the market. So you can imagine how relieved AMD must be to finally be shifting every graphics card they can get off the production line at breakneck speeds.


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