pátek 23. února 2018

After Parkland shooting, a US lawmaker proposes a tax on violent games

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting there are many struggling to make sense of the tragedy. As ever, some of them are inclined to blame videogames for what happened.

Rhode Island representative, Robert Nardolillo III, has proposed a bill which, if passed, will implement an increased tax on violent videogames, with the funds from the tax going towards mental health and counselling resources in schools.

Grand Theft Auto V

The legislation would add an extra 10% sales tax to videogames sold in Rhode Island which are rated M-for-Mature or higher by the ESRB. 

Nardolillo told Glixel that, following the tragic shooting in Parkland, he was flooded with emails from concerned parents, students, and school officials who wanted to know how they can prevent a similar situation in their local schools.


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