neděle 10. června 2018

The next Halo game is Halo Infinite

Microsoft opened their E3 2018 conference with one of its more predictable announcements - indeed one that borders on inevitable in the remainder of this console generation - there is a new Halo game, and it's called Halo Infinite.

And, for the first time ever, PC gamers should take notice right away, because though it's not been explicitly confirmed in this conference yet, Halo Infinite will almost certainly be the first game in the series to launch on PC at the same time as console.

Halo 6 has been confirmed to be in development for a while, but this is the first we’ve seen of it publicly after a conspicuous absence from E3 last year.  There’s also the possibility of a VR dimension to a future Halo game, after Microsoft were caught looking for a creative director to deliver “an all new VR experience in the Halo universe.” That makes sense, as we know Microsoft are preparing to wade into the VR market with their own range of headsets and they will need a big launch title. Better yet, Steam support is confirmed for them.  

The Halo games follow a super-soldier referred to as Master Chief, who went rogue in the last instalment to seek out Cortana, his former AI companion. Other than hearing Infinite will be his "greatest adventure yet," we don't know anything else so far.

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