neděle 10. června 2018

New Metro Exodus screenshots have leaked onto Twitter

Not to be left out on jumping the E3 gun, Metro Exodus has a set of leaked screenshots online now. And while they aren’t necessarily dense with information, they do provide another few glimpses at the ruined overworld of Metro.

Twitter user lashman, who does visual effects for the Angry Joe Show on YouTube, posted the images today along with three eyes emoji. He told me he’d gotten them from a friend, and had decided not to ask about the source.

The four images appear to show in-game visuals. The first is a familiar POV shot showing player character Artyom’s hands holding a rifle as he stands beside a massive locomotive, which we’ve seen in Metro Exodus teaser material already. The second is a shot of two soldiers, presumably rangers, posted on the engine itself, along with a large Soviet star on the front of the engine’s boiler.

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The next two shots show a couple of the game’s enemies. One is a misshapen humanoid in an underground area, which looks a bit like one of Fallout’s ghouls. However, it has an oddly-shaped nose that looks a lot like the one seen on bat creature seen through a sniper rifle scope in the last shot.

You can see all four of the images in lashman's tweet, below.


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