pátek 8. června 2018

How to overclock: it's easier than you think

Overclocking isn't some dark art, and we're here to teach you how to overclock and get extra power from your processor and higher gaming frame rates out of your graphics card, all for free.

Learning how to overclock is potentially your best bet for getting more gaming performance out of your existing PC. With component prices through the roof, and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable, the argument for overclocking your AMD CPU, Intel processor, or Nvidia graphics card is stronger than ever. Just follow the simple steps below to get up and running. No soldering required. Or maths. Well... there's maybe a little  bit of maths.

Tweaking your GPU’s clockspeed can improve even the best budget graphics card

Picking up the basics of how to overclock your CPU or GPU can boost your in-game frame rates for free, sometimes making the difference between unplayable and playable, but what actually is overclocking? If you’ve ever seen any pictures or videos of professional overclocking events then you might be forgiven for thinking it's just some sort of testosterone-fuelled geek-out.

How to overclock

You’ll have seen liquid nitrogen splashed liberally across the floor, pouring clouds of vapour up into the air, and serious-looking guys (it’s always guys) in logo’d t-shirts either high-fiving each other or frantically prodding at keyboards and strange contraptions atop test benches. It would be very easy to look at all that and conclude overclocking is something best left to the experts.


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