pátek 8. června 2018

Former BattleTech dev addresses harassment: “I was shitty to good people”

A few days ago, Tyler Carpenter, formerly a BattleTech designer and writer at Harebrained Schemes, returned to Twitter to issue an apology. “I harassed and abused a friend of mine for a variety of shitty reasons, and I don’t want anyone making excuses for me. The things I did should not be excused by anyone. They were, by definition, inexcusable.”

Shortly afterward, the victim came forward on Twitter to clarify what Carpenter referenced as harassment and abuse. They say that Carpenter “sexually assaulted” and then “verbally and emotionally abused” them for months, while lying to others about what had happened and harming the victim’s reputation with those around them.

Further people who knew Carpenter say that he repeatedly made confessions of romantic and sexual attraction toward them, with one characterizing Carpenter’s actions as an attempt to collect a “harem of pretty women.” The tone of most of these responses was that the apology would not be accepted.

We reached out to Carpenter for a statement via Twitter DM. He provided one, which he later retracted to issue no comment, but its tone and content is broadly similar to his statement as reported by Waypoint. There, he says “for the good of HBS and my victims, I've resigned from HBS effective immediately. There doesn't need to be any inquiry because, frankly, everything is true.”

Carpenter’s Twitter account - @Adareal - is now protected, but the original apology thread is similarly contrite, saying “For those of you who know the situation, trust that the other people involved are telling the truth. I didn’t respect another person’s humanity, I didn’t listen to them, and I betrayed some of my most deeply held beliefs due purely to selfishness and callousness.”


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