sobota 9. června 2018

Everything that happened at EA Play 2018

As is becoming tradition EA is kicking off E3 the Saturday ahead of the show with EA Play in Hollywood. Usually shorter than Microsoft and Sony’s conferences, I’m expecting the stream to last around an hour. We already know that Battlefield V and Anthem will be making a showing but I’m holding out hope for Dragon Age and Titanfall news.

With the backlash against Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s microtransactions, EA might be quite explicit in its announcements, saying exactly what comes with a game’s purchase and what can be bought separately. 

To keep on top of everything that’s happening at this year, have a read of our E3 2018 hub page.

The show kicks off with a dive into Battlefield V’s multiplayer and War Stories. We're told the campaign vignettes will look at “real and relatable people”. We new about a campaign following a woman in the Norwegian resistance, but it also looks like we might play as a British fighter pilot who crashes is in the mountains.

The big news, though, was that there will be a Battlefield V battle royale mode. This is no great surprise, every game seems to be getting a battle royale mode these days. It won’t be shown off until later this year, unfortunately. (Maybe a sign that it’s been a last-minute addition?)

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The stream moves on FIFA 19 next. It’s sometimes easy to forget that one of EA’s biggest money spinners has nothing to do with guns, war, or robots. The big addition to this year’s game FIFA UEFA Champion's League. Available in the regular campaign, building to the Champions League will also be the focus of the FIFA 19 Journey Mode. 


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