středa 25. dubna 2018

Wargroove gives players powerful dev tools to fulfil their Advance Wars longing

Wargroove is, in no uncertain terms, the Advance Wars of 2018. It’s a comparison that developers Chucklefish make no effort to push out of the spotlight, embracing it with an enthusiasm that reveals just how much they love the turn-based strategy classic. 

“Advance Wars is just really fun,” Rodrigo Monteiro, technical director of Wargroove, says while demoing the game at EGX Rezzed. “It's friendly. It has this accessible feeling to it, and we felt it's been a long time since anyone made a game like that.”

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Wargroove Tenri

It’s safe to say that, when Wargroove releases later this year, the friendly strategy drought will finally be over. This is a game that bursts with personality; it values strategic thinking, but also offers something more fun than fiddly micromanagement of platoons. There’s a simple harmony to how its units and buildings work together, which allows for tactical dots to be easily connected, and strategies effectively deployed. 


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