čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Massive Fallout Miami mod brings a dose of neon to the wasteland

Florida might already be too close to a post-apocalyptic wasteland for comfort, but we’re about to see it truly ruined thanks to an impressive looking new mod. Fallout Miami brings the city to ruined life in Fallout 4, and a new teaser trailer offers an exciting glimpse at what’s coming.

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fallout 4 miami mod

Fallout Miami is set to be similar in scope to the game’s bigger expansions, with an in-game map “slightly larger” than that of Far Harbor. The story is set near the same time as Fallout 4 itself concerns “the ideological struggle between Order and Freedom,” with a variety of factions newly created for the mod. Similar to the official DLC, it’ll also let you take your existing character directly into the new content.


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