čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Final Fantasy 14’s 4.3 update brings a new Ivalice raid and guestbooks

Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.3 patch is well on the way, scheduled for launch in May. It’ll bring the new set of Under the Moonlight main scenario quests and offer the next chapter of the Ivalice alliance raid series, along with a host of other new content, which Square Enix have provided some additional detail on today.

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final fantasy 14 patch 43 ridorana lighthouse

Under the Moonlight sees an unexpected offer of peace from Imperial envoys arriving in Doma, continuing the story of Stormblood, while the Ridorana Lighthouse serves as the new 24-man raid in Ivalice. There’s also a new dungeon with the Swallow’s Compass, a royal mausoleum chiseled into the great wall of Yanxia.


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