čtvrtek 26. dubna 2018

Earthbound-inspired Eastward is a charming take on the apocalypse

Chucklefish, the developers of Starbound and publisher of Stardew Valley, have picked up the quirky adventure-RPG Eastward, by Shanghai-based studio Pixpil. The game is inspired by ‘90s Japanese animation and Nintendo classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Mother/Earthbound. 

Chucklefish’s other new game Wargroove is “the Advance Wars of 2018”! 


The game follows a digger called John and a girl called Sam as they explore a post-apocalyptic world, as strange creatures descend on the last human cities. It seems to be lighter take than that description suggests, and Pixpil describe Eastward’s story as “soft sci-fi”. The soundtrack is being composed by Joel Corelitz, who credits include Hohokum and The Unfinished Swan.


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