sobota 28. dubna 2018

Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons are getting a big change with Warmind

Earlier this week we saw the reveal for Destiny 2’s upcoming Warmind expansion, and we've heard about coming buffs to the game’s Exotic weapons. Now, the latest This Week at Bungie explains how the studio plan on really making Exotics stand out in player inventories once the new content arrives May 8, and it’s through a new Exotic Masterworks system.

Will Warmind be able to re-energize Destiny 2? Here's what we think.

Bungie’s senior investment designer Mark Uyeda says in the Thursday post that since Exotics are relatively easy to get your hands on in Destiny 2, dedicated players need something beyond simply acquiring the weapons to stay interested. And the Exotic Masterworks will provide a path of unique goals to accomplish after you’ve already got your Coldheart or Vigilance Wing.


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