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Blizzard tease more details on two new Battle for Azeroth races

Update, April 28, 2018: Blizzard have provided some official information on the Dark Iron Dwarves and the Mag'har Orcs, two new races coming to World of Warcraft that are currently playable in the Battle for Azeroth beta.

A preview published today on the official World of Warcraft site gives a bit of background on both races, plus some of the racial traits they'll have available to them.

The Dark Iron Dwarves have a contentious history with other dwarven clans and themselves are split in loyalties. Their racial traits include:

  • Fireblood: Dark Iron dwarves can empower themselves and purge debuffs afflicting them.
  • Dungeon Delver: Their time spent in the depths lets Dark Iron dwarves move faster while indoors.
  • Mass Production: Dark Iron dwarves have increased Blacksmithing skill and can craft faster.
  • Mole Machine: These digging devices can transport their masters to new locations.
  • Forged in Flames: Dark Iron dwarves take reduced Physical damage.

Mag'har is the orcish word for "uncorrupted," and the Mag'har Orcs once united under Grommash Hellscream in a pledge to repay Azeroth's heroes in the war against the Burning Legion. Their racial traits include:

  • Ancestral Call: Mag’har orcs can call upon the powers of their ancestors to assist in battle.
  • Open Skies: While outdoors, Mag’har orcs have increased flight speed.
  • Sympathetic Vigor: The health of the Mag’har orcs’ pets is increased.
  • Savage Blood: Poisons, diseases, and curses affect Mag’har orcs for a shorter duration.

You can read the whole post over at the official World of Warcraft site.

Here's everything we know so far about Battle for Azeroth, all in one place.

Original story, April 21, 2018: The newest beta build for World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Battle for Azeroth opens two of its races, the Dark Iron Dwarves and the Mag’Har Orcs, and adds a host of other new content.


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