pondělí 5. března 2018

Seething Shore's parachutes and spectacle finally bring WoW's Battlegrounds up to date

It has been a while since the Alliance and Horde had a proper punch-up, hasn’t it? Since Mists of Pandaria, the two factions have been too occupied with taking down the Legion to think about battering each other. PvP has hardly stopped in the last five years, but both Warlords of Draenor and Legion flew by without a new Battleground, leaving us to scrap on the ageing battlefields of wars past. But Battle for Azeroth is set to bring back faction wars to World of Warcraft in full, with a brand new Battleground in tow.

Want more info on the expansion? Here's everything we know about WoW: Battle for Azeroth.

Seething Shore

Seething Shore might not arrive in earnest until September’s expansion hits, but players are already spilling blood on the sand thanks to this week’s Brawl. Like other Blizzard titles, World of Warcraft cycles through unique PvP modes in the form of Brawls - anything from resurrecting 40v40 Tarren Mill skirmishes, to engulfing Arathi Basin in a snowstorm that would make last week’s Beast from the East blush.


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