pátek 2. března 2018

Pit People, the 'best' game on Steam this year, launches from Early Access today

What would you guess is the highest-rated game released on Steam this year? Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Subnautica, perhaps? You’re technically right on that last one - it’s in joint-first - but you’ll never guess who shares the top spot: Pit People, a strategy-RPG that launches out of Early Access today.

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Pit People features a customisable cast of fighters who literally rise from a pit to undertake exciting quests. Combat is turn-based, with a strong focus on positional strategy and character abilities. There is a story mode, which can be completed solo or in two-player co-op, as well as several options for 2v2 multiplayer. The whole thing is animated in The Behemoth's distinctive, colourful art style.


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