pátek 2. března 2018

Intel's Vega-powered mini PC is the NUC gamers have been waiting for

A pre-production engineering sample of Intel’s eighth generation Hades Canyon NUC Mini PC (Next Unit of Computing) has made it into the hands of Korean hardware site, Playwares. This Vega-powered mini PC seems to be capable of some pretty incredible 1080p performance despite its tiny size, and is expected to launch sometime later this month - potentially at GDC.

Can’t decide whether to go Intel or AMD for your next build? Here are the best CPUs for gaming around.

Intel Hades Canyon NUC in person

This miniscule VR-ready PC runs at a TDP of 100W and is powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake G i7 8809G, a four-core, eight-thread processor running at 3.1 base clock and 4.2 boost clock with 24CUs of AMD’s Vega M GPU.


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