čtvrtek 1. března 2018

Facebook is working on getting more women involved in the games industry

Just in time for Women’s History Month, Facebook has launched an official effort to encourage more women to get involved in the games industry, and they’re sponsoring a conference in London this fall as part of that initiative.

A study last year showed that lots of women are watching esports.

The Facebook logo. Not getting anywhere near the Rift, apparently.

The Women in Gaming Initiative kicked off February 28 with the #SheTalksGames hashtag, which Facebook has used to collect 20 stories from women in the games industry. They include women from across the spectrum of games industry careers, including Andrea Rene, co-founder of What’s Good Games, and Rovio’s head of HR Marjo Kuosmanen. Their goal is to publish 100 video interviews by the end of the month.


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