pátek 23. února 2018

Star Control creators push back against Stardock with countersuit

Update, February 23: Star Control's creators are countersuing Stardock.

Star Control creators Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford have filed a countersuit against Stardock Systems, claiming Stardock are infringing on their copyright, not the other way around.

Back in December last year, publisher Stardock Systems filed a lawsuit against the original creators of Star Control.

If it weren't for Star Control, we probably wouldn't have Mass Effect. Check out these and other notable sci-fi classics in our starfarer's shortlist here.

Star Control 2

Stardock claimed the creators infringed upon the copyright of the Star Control franchise - which Stardock bought from Atari in 2013 - with their sequel game Ghosts of the Precursors.

In response, Reiche and Ford have now filed a countersuit against Stardock in an attempt to take back control of Star Control and Star Control 2.


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