pátek 23. února 2018

Sea of Thieves’ second scale test has already set sail

Update, February 23: Yar, mateys, Sea of Thieves be sailin’ out for another scale test. Yoho!

If you’re desperate for more pirate action, you’ll have yet another opportunity to sail with Sea of Thieves this weekend. A second scale test is already underway, lasting until 2:00 PT / 5:00 ET / 10:00 GMT on Sunday.

Sea of Thieves' PC version offers more than just a port.

The concept art that's also a development roadmap

If you missed it the first time around, bear in mind that the scale test is indeed intended to push the limits of the game’s infrastructure, and there will be plenty of downtime and instability as a result. Still, if you can’t stay away from the lure of booty - the pirate kind - it’s a good opportunity to take a look. Check out full installation instructions here.


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