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Rainbow Six Siege Chimera: operators, release date, Outbreak - everything we know

Rainbow Six Siege is clearly hitting its stride. 2017 saw the tactical shooter hit 25 million players and break the esteemed 100,000 concurrent players milestone on Steam, which is incredible considering it started the year with roughly a fifth of that. 

New to this tricky tactical FPS? Get started with our guide to the best Rainbow Six Siege operators.

With the game now entering its third year, Ubisoft are celebrating by delivering the most interesting and game-changing season yet in the form of Rainbow Six Siege Chimera. Unlike previous seasons, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera features two operators from different counter-terrorist units, and instead of a new map, Chimera will add a limited-time co-op event to the game called Outbreak. 

If you want to get caught up with everything coming to the game when Rainbow Six Siege Chimera launches, read on.

rainbow six siege chimera

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera operators

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