středa 28. února 2018

Play as Plumbob and Llama Man in the Final Fantasy XV Sims 4 Pack

Imagine being the team behind one of the most long-running and well-respected franchises in videogame history. Imagine that as a company you’ve created the fifteenth iteration in the franchise to significant critical and economic success, before you’ve even released it on PC. Then imagine adding some bizarre Sims 4 superhero outifts to your game to help sell it on PC. Congratulations, you’ve just imagined Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV marketing campaign.

Here's what we want from Final Fantasy XV's modding scene.

Final Fantasy XV Sims 4 Pack

As if the Half-Life Pack, which was announced last week, wasn’t enough, Square Enix have just announced the Sims 4 pack for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. If you buy the game on Origin before May 1, 2018, you’ll get access to the pack, which gives you the Llama Man and PlumBob skins for your in-game characters.


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