středa 28. února 2018

A new method of banning toxic players is being tested in Rainbow Six Siege, so stop using slurs

The button that allows you to report players in Rainbow Six Siege has often been somewhat of a mystery to players, as the inner workings of what it does and how Ubisoft respond have always been under wraps. Macie Jay, a popular YouTuber, has tweeted that he's seen a notification that says players can be banned for toxic behaviour, and Its_Epi, a community developer for Ubisoft, has confirmed that Ubisoft are testing a new system that targets toxic players, banning them for specific language. 

Don't get angry because of your team, just find a new operator to carry with.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch new ban method

Real name Craig Robertson, Its_Epi added this to a reddit thread about Macie Jay's tweet. The full comments reads "We are in the process of testing a new method of banning players that are acting in a wholly inappropriate manner.


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